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Four - Plus decades in the real estate industry as a realty advisor, entitlement specialist, developer, builder, broker and a general contractor.

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CastleLyons Corporation, headed by Michael K. Ryan, provides real estate expert witness services for the residential real estate and brokerage Industry, including testimony into specific areas of expertise such as fiduciary duties, partnership disputes, Industry standards of care, customs and practices.
Headquartered in Southern California, with offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, CastleLyons is available for cases nationwide. Mr. Ryan has provided his expertise for cases in Colorado, Montana, Utah, Oklahoma, Hawaii, Northern and Southern California.
During his 44-plus year career in the Industry, Mr. Ryan has gained substantial experience in the practice of real estate (see About Us page) and has attained a broad range of valuable professional expertise.
Mr. Ryan has held executive positions with local and national development and homebuilding companies; both privately and publically-held. His "in-the-trenches" experience has proven to be a beneficial asset and a credible resource as a real estate expert witness. For more information on his qualifications, please view the CV page, and for professional references, refer to the Testimonial page.
Call today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss the issues of your case and how Mr. Ryan may be of value to your litigation team as a real estate expert witness. He may be reached at (619) 787-5988 or via the contact form at the top of this page.
About Us
As a seasoned veteran in
the real estate Industry, your litigation team will definitely benefit from our qualifica-
tions and our “real world”
Areas of Expertise
We are well versed in over
20 areas of expertise, such
as, joint venture and partner-
ships disputes, Industry
customs and practices…
“Mike knows the real estate business inside and out and he performs well under fire.”

Layne H. Melzer, Esq.,
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