California Real Estate Expert Witness Services

Michael K. Ryan is a real estate expert witness who works with clients in the State of California. Mr. Ryan provides consultative services for attorneys and law firms to testify about real estate matters including joint venture & partnership disputes, homebuilder disputes, brokerage dispute and more.  Having a real estate expert witness for your trial can ensure that you get the expertise necessary to provide valuable insight into a real estate matter.

Commercial Real Estate Expert Witness in California

California is a hotbed for residential and commercial real estate development, but given the unique geography of the State, often there can be complications that arise during the development of new building projects.  Having a California Real Estate Expert Witness can mean the difference between winning and losing a case.  Ensuring that you have a knowledgeable expert witness with the local experience will help to provide your case with the analysis that is needed to get a favorable outcome.  Mr. Ryan has handled cases throughout the State of California and has a long list of references that are available upon request.

Real Estate Expert Witness Los Angeles

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