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Attorneys - Do You Need An Expert Witness?

As a seasoned real estate veteran with 45-plus years in the Industry, Mr. Ryan's expert witness resume is extensive, including complex case experience and proven trial testimony. 

Mr. Ryan has run Divisions for both privately and publicly-held realty companies. During his tenure, he has been involved in over $1,000,000,000 of transactions, acquired 40,000 levels of entitlements on residential lots, developed 3,500-plus finished lots, built in excess of 1,000 homes, constructed over 25 projects as a General Contractor and brokered $400,000,000-plus in sales.

What Mr. Ryan can add to your litigation team:

>>”Real World” experiences

>>Broker’s Licenses (CA and HI)

>>Broker and agent disputes/Industry standards

>>Managing Member of numerous LLCs

>>Case experience in partnership disputes

>>Entitlement and development background

>>Bottom-line management positions

>>Knowledgeable in Industry standards

>>Fiduciary duties and disclosure requirements

>>Ethics and due diligence obligations

>>”Deep-Dives” into case documents

>>Defensible damage analyses

>>Rebuttal of opposing expert’s report

>>”Bullet-Proof” Summary of Opinions

>>Testified in multiple States

>>Performs well under fire


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