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A Seasoned
Real Estate Veteran

During Mr. Ryan’s career in the Industry he has been involved in over $1,000,000,000 of transactions, acquired 40,000 levels of entitlements on residential lots, developed 3,500-plus finished lots, built in excess of 1,000 homes, constructed over 25 projects as a General Contractor and brokered $400,000,000-plus in sales.


From a development standpoint, Mr. Ryan has had bottom-line responsibility for managing several properties, totaling over 7,000 acres planned for 20,000-plus residential units along with support commercial, retail and industrial land.


As an expert witness, Mr. Ryan has proven experience in a variety of cases and areas of dispute, as well as, Industry standards.  He “dives-deep” into the case document, provides a “bullet-proof” Summary Of Opinions and "performs well under fire".  His courtroom testimony, as indicated in the Testimonial Tab, has made a positive contribution (from an Industry standpoint) to the outcome of the case.

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