Michael K. Ryan, President


“Mike knows the real estate business inside and out and he performs well under fire. He is extremely hard working, credible and diligent. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone needing a top notch real estate expert.”
Layne H. Melzer
Attorney At Law
Rutan & Tucker, LLP
Costa Mesa, CA

“Mr. Ryan withstood grueling cross examination and walked away without a scratch. He was extremely well prepared and his Summary Of Opinions Report submitted to the Court was on-point. Mr. Ryan is a well qualified and seasoned real estate expert. His expertise and testimony was an integral component of our favorable ruling.”
Rod De Llano
Attorney At Law
Danziger & De Llano Law Firm
Houston, TX

“Mike was extremely thorough in his review and analysis of case documents. He articulated his Summary Of Opinions very well and easily connected with the Jury. His vast real estate Industry experience proved most beneficial to our case. I would highly recommend him.”
Steven McLellan
Attorney At Law
Gates Eisenhart Dawson
San Jose, CA

“Mike’s work product (Summary Of Opinions and Damage Claim Rebuttal) was excellent and meticulously presented. His tenacious review and analysis of the extensive case documents was incredibly valuable in preparing for trial. Mike’s 45-year diverse career in the real estate Industry helped me gain a deeper understanding of the case and added a great deal of credibility to his testimony.”
Geoffrey T. Macbride
Attorney At Law
Murphy Pearson Bradley & Feeney
San Francisco, CA

“Mr. Ryan’s real estate expertise greatly assisted our litigation team in clarifying (from an Industry standpoint) the dynamics of the various case issues and in formulating a reasonable and acceptable settlement resolution.”
Louis A. Gonzalez, Jr.
Attorney At Law
Sacramento, CA

Mr. Ryan’s extensive experience with large master planned communities and the tentative map/404 Permit approval process proved extremely valuable. His Summary of Opinions were well-supported and spot-on. He reviewed over 11,000
pages of case documents and was very responsive to our timing needs. I would definitely recommend him.

Emanuel B. Townsend, Partner
Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, LLP
Burlingame, CA

“Mike’s vast real estate experience, case preparation, Summary of Opinions and his testimony at Arbitration overshadowed that of the opposing expert and was a key component to the favorable ruling on our case. I would definitely use him on my next real estate case requiring an expert.”
Mark C. Hargan
Attorney At Law
Irvine, CA