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Agent/Broker Disputes

Disputes, including alleged violations of NAR Code of Ethics, filed against brokers and their agents are unfortunately common in the real estate Industry.  This is especially true when dual representation is involved.  Most litigation filed against agents/brokers arises from a perceived failure of the agent/broker to fully and faithfully exercise their fiduciary duties owed, self-dealing, misrepresentation and other actions contrary to established Industry standard.  The common theme appears to be – “Whenever possible, blame the agent or broker and seek damages.”

Mr. Ryan has been retained numerous times in various agent/broker cases involving such issues as (i) Industry standards of care, (ii) NAR violations and misconduct, (iii) conflict of interests, (iv) non-compliance with fiduciary duties owed, (v) managing broker’s failure to adequately supervise their agents and (vi) damage analysis/calculations, to name but a few.

While Mr. Ryan has been in the real estate Industry for 45-plus years, he has held a California Broker’s License since 2003 and a Hawaii Broker’s License since 2015.

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