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Joint Venture & Partnerships Disputes

By its very nature, joint ventures and other types of partnership arrangements are subject to conflict and disputes.  When the venture is going well and making money the relationships between the partners are generally good; however, when the market turns, or cost increase and revenues decrease, one partner tends to look to the other for the explanation.  “Finger pointing” typically leads to litigation being filed which will require the retention of an expert in this field.


Once the partnership starts to deteriorate (for whatever reason) it will typically get worse with time as more and more disagreements concerning the other partner’s performance continue to mount.   The assessment of whether the other partner’s conduct (from a non-legal; yet Industry standpoint) was in accordance with Industry standards is the role of a real estate expert.  


In his 45-plus year career in the residential real estate market, Mr. Ryan has read over 100 joint venture/partnership agreements, including purchase and sale and option agreements.  He has been directly involved, both as a principal and a corporate officer, in numerous types of partnership structures, including acting as a Managing Member in LLC entities.  Additionally, he has been repeatedly retained as an expert witness in this field and has testified in court on several occasions concerning various types of partnership disputes.

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