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Standard of Care Issues

Most disputes in the real estate Industry arise from compliance, or non-compliance of “standards of care” issues.  The question is -- Within the Industry, how would a long-standing seasoned real estate professional conduct himself in accordance with certain standards of care?  Since there is not a published encyclopedia on standards of care conduct, a real estate expert’s “real-world experience” and creditability is key to his or her successful testimony at trial.


Most disputes concerning joint ventures, partnerships, developers, and brokers/agents are centered around “standards of care” issues.  It is extremely important to confirm that the expert selected possesses direct experience in the standards of care at issue; as the case may boil down to the experience, qualifications and creditability of one expert over another expert.  This, among other reasons, is why it is important that the retaining attorney does his “homework” on the expert he selects.


Having spent 45-plus years in the real estate Industry, Mr. Ryan is well-qualified, with proved trial testimony, to opine on various standards of care issues.  During his career, Mr. Ryan has been employed as a corporate officer by both privately and publicly-held realty and development companies. 

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