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Fiduciary Duty

Simply stated, a fiduciary duty is always, and unconditionally, acting in the best interest of your client or partner. 


A more detail definition of a “fiduciary duty” (from an Industry standpoint) would be: “A fiduciary duty is essentially an absolute, unwavering and unconditional ‘commitment or covenant of protection’ of a client’s or partner’s interests; above that of your own.  It includes a steadfast and diligent exercise of utmost care, good faith, integrity, honesty and loyalty.”


Violations of fiduciary duties owed are often cited as a cause of action in Complaints filed.  Despite the nature of the case and the disputes at issue, violations of fiduciary duties are often quoted in agent/broker cases, partnerships dispute cases and contract compliance cases.  Thus, a thorough working knowledge of fiduciary duties owed, and the role it plays in the Industry, is essential for any expert witness to be successful.


Mr. Ryan has extensive experience in analyzing compliance and non-compliance of fiduciary duties owed based on his 45-plus years in the real estate Industry as a realty advisor, broker, developer, contractor, corporate officer and expert witness, and furthermore, has testified in court on this subject and related issues numerous times.

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