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Michael K. Ryan, President



>>Partnership and joint venture dispute issues.


>>Industry standards of care,  customs and practices as it pertains to entitlement, development, homebuilding, 

brokerage and partnerships.


>>Non-compliance with Industry standards for fiduciary duties owed by a broker and sales agent, including dual agency representation.


>>Partnership and joint venture fiduciary duties, given Industry standards of care.


>>Industry standards, customs and practices re negotiations of “significant terms and conditions” of a PSA between principals.


>>Broker and sales agent misconduct, fiduciary responsibilities and compliance with National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics.


>>PSA liquidated damages versus specific performance as a remedy for default.


>>Takings claim against a municipality.


>>Loss of profit claim and analysis of damages due to alleged broker misconduct.


>>Asset dissolution and partition action.


>>Master developer entitlement delays and economic impact.

>>Due diligence Industry customs and practices.

>>Analysis of entitlement, development and permit time periods.

>>Borrower bank fraud.



>>Dispute concerning Industry practices re: Off Balance Sheet transactions and related option and construction agreements.


>>Dissolution of corporate real estate assets.



>>Borrower’s duty of independent inquiry as it pertains to due diligence responsibilities.



>>General Partner or Managing Member fiduciary duties owed to partners. 




>>Project entitlement and development issues and delays.



>>Profit participation challenges.



>>Developer/builder misconduct and lost profit analysis.



>>Access easement dispute.



>>Tentative Map Conditions Of Approval issues. 

>>Analysis of fraud claims, given Industry standards.


>>Buyer’s duty of independent inquire required, per Industry standards, in due diligence investigations.


>>Seller’s non-compliance with disclosure requirements, per Industry standards.



>>Loss of profits due to alleged contractor’s delays.



>>Economic impact of sandwich lease.




>>De Facto partnership and partition action.





>>Lot split dispute.




>>PSA contingency items in dispute.



>>Rebuttal analysis for alleged lost profits and damage claims.



>>Conversion cause of action.



>>Pro forma analysis and project feasibility issues.

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