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Real Estate
Expert Witness Testimony


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45-Plus Years Of Accomplishments

Real estate experts are only as good as their "real world" experiences.

During his tenure in the real estate Industry, Michael K. Ryan as President of CastleLyons Corporation, has served as a realty advisor, entitlement specialist, developer, homebuilder, broker and a general contractor.  He has also managed Divisions for privately and publicly-held realty companies.  As a seasoned real estate veteran, he has provided expert testimony to the legal community in multiple States on complex case issues and has successfully testified in court on numerous occasions.


Mr. Ryan holds an MBA from USC, a CA and HI Broker’s Licenses and a CA B-1 General Contractor’s License.


“Mike knows the real estate business inside and out and he performs well under fire.”

“Mr. Ryan withstood grueling cross examination and walked away without a scratch.”

“Mike was extremely thorough in his review and analysis of case documents.”

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