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Expert Witness Testimonies:
$ 375/hour for consulting/research, formation of Opinions, rebuttal of opposing expert’s opinions.

$ 525/hour for deposition, arbitration or courtroom testimony, with a 4-hour minimum charge.


For a free consultation to discuss your case issues and to determine if our services will fit your specific needs, please contact us today at 619.787.5988.  Mr. Ryan will respond promptly to your call and will provide his initial feedback on the dynamics of your case without charge.


While our offices are located in San Diego, California, Portland, Oregon and Honolulu, Hawaii,  we do serve the entire United States.



Michael K. Ryan, President

- “Mike knows the real estate business inside and out and he performs well under fire.”


- “Mr. Ryan withstood grueling cross examination and walked away without a scratch.”

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